Pamplona Bull Run Map

Pamplona Bull Run Map

The Running of the Bulls is one of the most memorable and high-intensity festivals in the world. One of the festival's most iconic traditions is its bull run, during which fully-grown bulls weighing around 600 kg (1,300 lb) race through the crowded streets of runners.

If you're planning to attend the Running of the Bulls festival, you may be wondering where the bull runs take place. Here's a map of the Pamplona bull run course:

The bulls run through the streets of Pamplona along this route: Calle de Santo Domingo - Plaza Consistorial - Calle Mercaderes - Calle de la Estafeta - Telefónica (Calle Cortes de Navarra) - Plaza de Toros. The corner between Calle Mercaderes and Calle de la Estafeta is the infamous "Dead Man's Corner."

If you're planning to run with the bulls, plan to line up in the Plaza Consistorial by 7:10am, or you'll risk being blocked from the route. Once the police barricade at the entrance to Calle Mercaderes breaks around 7:40am, runners will be able to line up anywhere along the bull run route. We recommend that beginner runners line up at the beginning of Calle Mercaderes, which is a wide street with barricades on one side that runners can slip underneath if they find themselves in danger.

To watch the bull runs from a balcony, book your tickets here.

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