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Bull Run: Street Balcony View

Bull Run: Street Balcony View

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Date for San Fermín 2024
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Our inventory changes all the time. If you're interested in buying a balcony space that says "Sold Out," contact us at this link or send us an email at We'll help you find great bull run viewing spaces for your Pamplona adventure!


  1. From our Santo Domingo balconies, watch the anticipation build as runners line up before the run and sing the prayer to San Fermín. Then, watch the bulls at the very start of the run, as they charge up the inclined street at maximum speed.
  2. From our Mercaderes balconies, get a view of “La Curva de Estafeta” from the Mercaderes side. Your view includes the entire wide-section of Mercaderes street, as well as the Mercaderes part of “La Curva” or “Dead Man’s Corner.” We recommend that beginner runners choose to run this street since it’s the widest street on the bull run, so we similarly recommend that loved ones of runners book balconies on this street.
  3. From our Estafeta balconies, get a great view of the longest stretch of the bull run. By this point of the run, bulls are often slightly separated and running at a slower pace, but that means that runners get a chance to shine: at this point, many runners choose to run “on the horns” of the bulls.

Watch the bull runs in Pamplona, Spain from the comfort and safety of a balcony! We only sell front-row views on balconies directly over the bull run streets, so you can be sure that you won't miss any action.

If you are interested in a specific view of the bull run, such as Dead Man's Corner, please send us an email! We have balconies at several locations across the bull run route, so we can work with you to find the view you want.

Once you place your order, you'll receive a confirmation of your purchase, and you'll hear from us directly within 1-2 days with more information. You'll receive detailed instructions including the exact address of your balcony, how and when to arrive, and what you should plan for that morning.

Please note that if you are unable to add a certain quantity of tickets to your cart, it is because there are not enough remaining spaces on the same balcony for that day. Contact us so that we can find a balcony with enough spaces for your entire group!

If you're traveling with children, please contact us!

If our available spaces for a balcony you want are sold out, please send us an email. We'll work with you to find a balcony spot with one of our partners or a second-row viewing space.

***We are currently sold out everywhere for July 7th, but we encourage you to watch the end of the bull runs directly from the bull ring with a Plaza de Toros ticket***

You can buy your balcony spots with PayPal, so you can feel confident that you'll get exactly what you pay for - or your money back.

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