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Bullfight Tickets

Bullfight Tickets

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Section of the Bull Ring
Date for San Fermín 2024

Pamplona's bullfights are unlike anything else in the world. In the sun side, between July 7th-14th, you should expect to party, dance to the music of local brass bands, and potentially be splashed with celebratory sangria. In the shade side, sit in comfort among the more serious, quieter bullfight fans who will likely comment on the art of the fight and the nuances of each matador. Three matadors will fight two bulls each per bullfight. Bullfights start at 8pm on July 5th and 6:30pm on July 6th-14th, and they generally last around 2.5 hours.

Novice fights take place on July 5th, the rejones (horseback fights) take place on July 6th, and traditional Spanish bullfights take place on July 7th-14th. Seats are reserved in the shade side, but they are unreserved in the sun side. Read up on the differences between the bullfight sections here. Not sure what tickets are right for you? Contact us. 

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