2024 San Fermín Poster of the Year Announced

2024 San Fermín Poster of the Year Announced

The 2024 San Fermín Poster of the Year is finally here! 

The winning poster is titled "Gaiteros" - which translates to "Pipers" - and it depicts Pamplona's town hall square during the Chupinazo Opening Ceremony of the San Fermín (Running of the Bulls) festival. 

The Navarran artist, Ángel Blanco Egoskozabal, has submitted several submissions to the Poster of the Year contest throughout the years, and this is his second time winning the competition (he first won in 2009). 

In the poster, the sea of red and white represents the revelers who fill the Plaza Consistorial square at noon on July 6th. The contrasting sea of black and red represents the band called the Gaiteros de Pamplona, which plays traditional flute and drums outside the Town Hall amidst the chaos of the crowd. 

Click here to watch the Gaiteros de Pamplona perform during the Chupinazo celebration that is captured in this poster.

Now, both posters of the 2024 Los Sanfermines have officially been released. "Gaiteros" is the official poster of the entire festival, and the poster below is the official poster of all 2024 Plaza de Toros events.

We love both posters this year, and we can't wait to see them all around the city of Pamplona this July! Stay tuned at BullBalcony.com to pre-order the 2024 posters!

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