Do you need to book pre-paid Pamplona restaurant reservations?

Do you need to book pre-paid Pamplona restaurant reservations?

Pamplona's Basque cuisine has it all: juicy steaks, fresh seafood, artisanal cheeses, and house-made ciders. The high-quality locally-sourced ingredients make it no surprise that Pamplona boasts numerous Michelin-starred restaurants and other fine-dining experiences. The best part? You don't need to make pre-paid reservations to try Basque food at the Running of the Bulls festival, or San Fermín.

Avoid Tourist Traps
Those interested in making the most of Pamplona's foodie culture frequently ask if they need to book pre-paid restaurant reservations in Pamplona for the Running of the Bulls. The answer to that question is a simple no.

Some tour groups try to scare tourists into thinking that they need a pre-paid reservation for any hope of trying Basque cuisine during the Running of the Bulls festival. This is simply not true.

These tour groups are simply making reservations on a restaurant's website or making a phone call to the restaurant, just like anyone else could do. Save your money by making your own reservations directly on the restaurant's website. If you need help, just contact us, and we can help you do it for no charge. Seriously.

Do any restaurants require pre-paid reservations?
A very small number of the most exclusive Michelin star restaurants in Pamplona require a pre-paid reservation for special dining experiences.

For example, we included the restaurant "Rodera" in our list below, which requires a pre-paid reservation for a curated culinary experience. However, most of these restaurants, including Rodera, do not charge for a pre-paid reservation for the "Carta" option, which is the traditional menu option that most diners prefer.

Plan Ahead
Even though you don't need to make a pre-paid reservation, you should still make a (free) reservation! Tables at the best restaurants book up weeks or even months in advance of the Running of the Bulls festival, especially for the early dates of the fiesta.

If you want to experience Basque cuisine during your trip to Pamplona, book your table as soon as you can directly through a restaurant's website! Here are some great restaurants in the city:

Award Winning Restaurants

  1. Alhambra, Calle Bergamín, 7 | 2 Repsol Suns
  2. Les Amis, Calle del Pozo Blanco, 20 | 1 Repsol Sun, Michelin recommended
  3. Baserriberri, Calle San Nicolás, 31 | 1 Repsol Sun, Michelin recommended
  4. Europa, Calle Espoz y Mina, 11 | 1 Repsol Sun & 1 Michelin Star
  5. Rodero, Calle Emilo Arrieta, 3 | 1 Michelin Star, 2 Repsol Suns

Other Great Restaurants

  1. Chez Belagua, Calle Estafeta, 49-51, Calle Iturralde y Suit, 24
  2. El Búho, Calle de los Descalzos, 56-58
  3. La Mandarra de La Ramos, Calle San Nicolás, 9
  4. Sidería Auzmendi, Calle de Joaquin Beunza Kalea, 17
  5. Asador Olaverri, Calle Santa Marta, 4 

Enjoy your culinary adventure in Pamplona, and remember: booking directly through the restaurant’s website ensures you get the best experience without unnecessary extra charges. Bon appétit!

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