How many bulls run every day in Pamplona?

How many bulls run every day in Pamplona?

Exactly six bulls, six steers, and two clean-up steers run in Pamplona, Spain every morning between July 7th until July 14th, so there are a total of fourteen animals running on the streets each day. The bulls and the first group of six steers are released together at exactly 8:00am, and they immediately begin charging up the inclined street of Calle Santo Domingo, before turning onto Calle Mercaderes and then Calle Estafeta. 

At 8:02am, exactly two minutes after the bulls and steers are released, a second group of two more steers called "clean-up steers" or "mansos de cola (tail)" - are released from their corrals. These steers are meant to herd any bulls that may have gotten separated from the rest of their herd. 

The six bulls that run each morning are different every day, bringing the total number of bulls that run on the streets in Pamplona to 48 bulls per year. The bulls are called "toros bravos," or Spanish fighting bulls, who are bred and raised specifically to be killed in bullfights and to be aggressive in stressful conditions. The bulls that are selected to run and fight in Pamplona typically weigh about 500 to 700 kg (1,102 to 1,543 lb), and they run at about 15 miles per hour. Each of the six bulls that run each morning are killed in bullfights the same day.

The steers (called "mansos" or "cabestros") are older, castrated bulls of a non-fighting breed, and they serve as guides for the bulls. Unlike the aggressive nature of the fighting bulls, the steers are docile and easy to handle; they are not bred for combat but rather to be guides in the bull run. Trained to stay calm under pressure, they help to lead the bulls along the designated route, ensuring that they stay on course and maintain a steady pace. The same steers run the same course every day, so they know exactly where they are going and can comfortably lead the bulls to the ring.

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