Poster of the Year - Feria del Toro

Poster of the Year - Feria del Toro

The 2024 San Fermín Feria del Toro poster is finally here, and we are so excited to share it with you! The Feria del Toro, or bull festival, encompasses everything bull-related at the Running of the Bulls festival. 

Every year, dozens of paintings, photographs, and graphic designs are entered into the Feria del Toro poster competition. Usually, the poster depicts a bullfight or a solitary bull, but this year's winner took a creative spin on the Feria poster by leaving out any images of bulls. Instead, painter Indalecio Sobrino Junco chose to center his artwork around the torilero, the unassuming individual responsible for opening the gates and releasing the bulls into the arena.

In the painting, the torilero stands in front of the toril door, dressed in his traditional outfit, in the tense seconds just before he opens the door to release a bull into the bull ring. The decision to spotlight the torilero in this year's poster is a poignant acknowledgment of a figure often overshadowed by the spectacle of the bulls and the matadors. The torilero embodies humility and dedication, orchestrating the very beginning of each bullfight with quiet precision and unwavering focus, yet rarely stepping into the spotlight.

We are so impressed by Sobrino's poster for Pamplona's 2024 Feria del Toro, and we can't wait to see the poster in person at the Plaza de Toros this July!

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