Shade vs Sun Seats at the Bullfight

Shade vs Sun Seats at the Bullfight

So you're interested in attending a bullfight, but you're not sure which seats you should buy? We're here to help.

The main decision you'll need to make is whether you prefer to buy seats in the "Shade Side" or the "Sun Side" of the bullring. As the names suggests, one side is in the shade, and the other side is in the heat of the late-afternoon sun. But those aren't the only differences: the atmosphere in each section is completely different.

The shade side offers a quieter, more traditional bullfight experience. You'll be surrounded by families and some older bullfight enthusiasts who prefer to focus on the techniques of the bullfighters more than the social aspect of the bullfight. The atmosphere is certainly friendly and welcoming, but you shouldn't talk too loud in this section. It's a quiet, respectful atmosphere, and it would be looked down on if anyone distracts other audience members from the experience. 

On the other hand, the sun side offers an incredible party atmosphere; no other city in Spain embraces partying during bullfights quite like Pamplona - much to the dismay of more traditional bullfight aficionados. If you buy seats in this section, you'll be surrounded by people who are drinking sangria, throwing sangria, sharing food with strangers, dancing to the loud music of the brass band seated in the same section, and, often, socializing more than actually watching the bullfight. Avoid this section if you hate being sticky, or if you simply prefer to experience a bullfight in a more traditional atmosphere. Watch a video of this experience here

In our 20+ years of festival-going, we've sat in each side dozens of times, and we appreciate what each side has to offer. That being said, we've also seen people in each side look longingly at the other side of the bullring - especially if its their only chance to experience a bullfight in Spain. Those who don't enjoy the sangria-splashing of the Sun Side (also known as the party section) may wish to be in the calm and quiet of the Shade Side. Meanwhile, those who came to Pamplona to party may find themselves bored by the quiet, traditional Shade Side. 

Both sides will offer a magical experience through different, but equally authentic, glimpses into the heart and soul of Spain. Book your bullfight tickets with BullBalcony to make sure you get the best seats for whatever you're looking for. 

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