What to Wear on the Bull Run

What to Wear on the Bull Run

You don't need tickets or reservations to run with the bulls, but you do need to wear the right clothes. Running with the bulls in Pamplona, Spain is an extreme sport, but it's also a historic tradition. This means that you'll need to wear an outfit that is comfortable to run in but which also respects local customs.

Here's what you'll need:


  • Long white pants: No shorts, skirts, or dresses allowed!
  • White T-shirt or long-sleeve shirt.
  • Red pañuelo (handkerchief): Fold it once, then tie it around your neck. It's a symbol of the festival, and it helps to identify you as a participant.
  • Red faja (sash): Tie a faja around your waist in a slip knot. This is important because if a bull's horn gets caught in your sash, it won't drag you.


  • Closed-toe shoes: Wear something comfortable to run in. You'll be kicked out of the run by policemen if you wear flip flops or sandals.

What not to bring:

  • Water bottles, purses, cameras, or backpacks: Leave these items behind. They aren't allowed on the run, and they could get in the way or cause accidents.

Cleanliness is key:

  • It's important to look clean and presentable for the run. Dirty or stained clothes might signal to the police that you're not fit to run, especially if it looks like you've been partying too hard the night before. Wearing dirty clothes might get you kicked out of the run before it begins.

You can buy everything you'll need for the run once you arrive in Pamplona! A pack including white clothes, a faja, and a pañuelo is typically around $25 during the festival. Good luck, and stay safe on the bull run!

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