When is the Running of the Bulls festival in Spain?

When is the Running of the Bulls festival in Spain?

The Running of the Bulls, also called Los sanfermines or the festival of San Fermín, is a nine day festival that takes place every year between noon on July 6th and midnight on July 14th in Pamplona, Spain.

The bull runs, or encierros, take place every morning for eight consecutive days between July 7th and July 14th, starting at exactly 8:00am and ending whenever the bulls reach the Plaza de Toros (which is usually about 2-3 minutes later). Once they reach the Plaza de Toros, they are corralled until the evening bullfights, when they face off against the top matadors in Spain and beyond. Book your tickets to watch the bull run from a balcony here!

The bullfights take place every evening for ten consecutive days, from July 5th - the day before the festival officially begins - until July 14th. Bullfights in Pamplona start at 6:30pm, and they traditionally last around 2.5 hours. Book your tickets to watch a bullfight here!

The festival of San Fermín - complete with its iconic red and white outfits - only takes place in Pamplona, Spain in July, but there are other bull run festivals all across Spain throughout the year - especially in the summer months. 

If you're planning a trip to Spain this July, be sure to fit in a trip to Pamplona to witness the Running of the Bulls festival in person!

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