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Pobre de Mi Closing Ceremony Balcony

Pobre de Mi Closing Ceremony Balcony

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On July 14th, watch the beautiful closing ceremony of the San Fermín festival from a balcony directly overlooking Pamplona's town hall square. From your place on the balcony, you will watch this emotional candlelit tradition as the town says goodbye to the festival of a lifetime. 

Music will fill the air around you as brass bands alternate between somber songs mourning the end of the festival and lively songs anticipating next year's festival. Looking up, you'll watch a stunning fireworks display behind the town hall building, and looking down, you will see a sea of candles and red pañuelos. Watching from a balcony is the perfect option for anyone who wants to watch the ceremony but who prefers to stay out of dense crowds.

This reservation lasts from 11pm - 12:15am.

After the ceremony, you can walk to the nearby Iglesia de San Lorenzo, where you will participate in a local tradition of leaving your own candle and pañuelo outside the church where the city's statue of San Fermín is housed.

***We only have 4 spaces remaining for July 14th, 2024***

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